Scry NFT Token

Scry NFTs

Scry uses NFTs to represent membership in the protocol as well as a license to access, modify, deploy and otherwise use the protocol, contracts and node for the owners project. These NFTs are broken into 2 types:

Founder NFTs

These NFTs act as the council to the DAO for Scry, deciding any critical decisions, changing license fees, earning revenue from licenses and represent the protocols core, as well as themselves being a lifetime license to the protocol, contracts, node and all other tools for the project.

License NFTs

These NFTs act as licenses to use the protocol, contracts and node as well as the front end for these for their projects. The NFTs have a field for a github username which will be granted access to the repos for the node. These licenses are paid yearly (though you can renew for any amount, whenever you want, for as long as you want). These licenses also come with perks such as being whitelisted in the front end to check up on oracle data, health, signers and allow others to see key information, as well as access historical data and support by the Scry team in setting up, deploying and maintaining your oracles. We also can run the oracles for a project as needed as long as gas is provided.

How many NFTs are there?

Founder NFTs - 100 (the DAO can choose to release more)

Licenses - No limit

How much do these cost?

Founder NFTs - as these are both a stake in the protocol with a vote as well as a lifetime membership these are priced at 20 ETH, and are targeted towards projects. This allows projects to be able to lend their reputation to the protocol and help with adoption and awareness as well as be rewarded as the protocol grows through licensing revenues.

Licenses - These will be priced once the DAO has decided on the starting price in ETH at a 1y base.

Will there be an ERC20 token?

At launch we have no intention for an ERC20 token. Please be careful of anyone advertising such a token. The DAO reserves the right to create one if they so choose but at the start there will be no ERC20.

What happens if you dont pay the fee as a License holder?

Anyone can burn your license if fees aren't paid and you'll need to buy a new one. This wont actually cost more than just renewing but you'll need to mint and resubmit your github.

When Scry?

Soon TM.\

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