Licensing and Perks

At launch the contracts are licensed under SCRY, a custom license which allows for testnet use freely and requires a license for mainnet use. This license is represented by either a founder or license NFT and allows the holder full access to all contracts, tools, front end and node as they need.

Perks for Founders

  • Founder NFTs represent stake in the protocol and each NFT represents a 1/100 vote for protocol decisions. These include license fees, whether to change or open source the license to the public,. dDecisions for the DAO as a whole for Scry and any other critical proposals.d

  • NFTs are used to earn revenue from licenses and give holders a stake in the protocols success. This allows projects to use Scry for their data, and in doing so create awareness for the project. This creates revenue as more projects use the protocol, purchase licenses or otherwise create value for the protocol.

  • Special channels and roles in the Discord for discussion for internal comms.

  • Lifetime License to all contracts, tools, nodes, front end and all perks for holding a license.

Perks for Licenses

  • Support for setting up your oracles, nodes, datasets, front ends and any needs for deploying and maintaining your oracles.

  • Access to specialised channels in the Discord

  • Whitelisting in the Scry front end and access to data explorer tools and health tools

  • Ability to have Scry run your oracles for you as long as gas is provided

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