Oracle Management
Oracle Management
All oracles are able to be managed by their signers, we have built in a lightweight democratic vote system, whereby a signer can propose a change to the contract, and with the threshold being met, can execute these changes. This allows for oracles to change signers/update feeds/update prices/withdraw funds and do other management
Funds that have been donated/paid to the oracle can be withdraw to either a designated address for custom withdraw features to be handled by another contract, or can be split between all signers. This allows for cold wallets to be feed providers, using a contract to send the payment to the cold wallets instead on receive/fallback.
Proposal Types
    0 updatePricePass(uintValue)
    1 updateThreshold(uintValue)
    2 addSigners(addressValue)
    3 removeSigner(addressValue)
    4 updatePayoutAddress(addressValue)
    5 updateRevenueMode(feedId, uintValue)
    6 updateFeedCost(feedId, uintValue)
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